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File a Consumer Complaint. Romance scammers prey upon feelings, resulting in some of the biggest scam losses — often in the thousands of dollars per victim. Scammers use profiles not only on dating sites but also other social media websites to reach out where you might not be expecting. They use many methods to try to gain your trust. They may talk to you many times a day, making you feel like you really know them. They may tell you they love you very quickly. Then, it will happen — they will need money for something urgent. It may be a medical expense, a debt or legal fees, or even fees to travel to meet you.

The Fraud Examiner

Do you have questions about your vision health? A Pew Research Center study revealed that nearly 60 percent of U. But seeking romantic bliss online can have a major downside: Cyberspace is full of scammers eager to take advantage of lonely hearts. The con works something like this: You post a dating profile and up pops a promising match — good-looking, smart, funny and personable. This potential mate claims to live in another part of the country or to be abroad for business or a military deployment.

But he or she seems smitten and eager to get to know you better, and suggests you move your relationship to a private channel like email or a chat app.

Angie Kennard’s father had met someone on a dating website, and the woman While most scams may not be as severe this one, the act of scamming elderly.

We are compensated by some providers on this site to help keep our content free. Learn More. We may be compensated if you buy some products. So you’re ready to dip your toes in the online dating world and find yourself a new friend, companion or romantic partner. Online dating is exploding among baby boomers and with good reason – it’s fun and it works! However, somewhere in that big sea of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, lurk some nasty sharks, looking to prey on unsuspecting and well intentioned people like yourself.

Scammers use your social media profiles to establish a relationship quickly. They claim they can’t meet in person because they’re working abroad in the construction or engineering industries. They can build your trust over weeks or months, before making their move. Once they feel they have your trust, they request money for an unexpected medical emergency or legal fee.

Here are a few tips to help protect yourself from online dating scammers. See if the person you’re talking with is using a duplicate photo of him or herself. Many senior dating sites have software that detects fraudulent profiles and duplicate pictures.

Romance Scam Targeting Seniors: How Romance Scams Work

He uses these holes in your heart to get you to trust him, knowing it will be easy for you to bond with someone who has experienced the same loss as you. He is priming you and getting ready to rein you in for the scam. This is when he asks you for your help. And you never hear from him again. Thousands of intelligent women get caught up in these scams every year.

Date men closer to home.

Romance scams (also known as catfishing) Romance fraud happens when someone believes they have met their perfect match through an online dating site or.

Scammers are taking advantage of the coronavirus COVID pandemic to con people into giving up their money. Though the reason behind their fraud is new, their tactics are familiar. Be cautious when accepting offers of help and use trusted delivery services for supplies and food. During this time of uncertainty, knowing about possible scams is a good first step toward preventing them. The Money Smart for Older Adults resource guide and our scam prevention handouts and activities offer telltale signs of a variety of scams, and here are a few coronavirus-specific scams to look out for.

The FTC warned about an increasing number of scams related to vaccines, test kits, cures or treatments, and air filter systems designed to remove COVID from the air in your home. At this time, there is neither a vaccine nor a cure for this virus. A charity scam is when a thief poses as a real charity or makes up the name of a charity that sounds real to get money from you. Be careful about any charity calling you asking for donations. If you are able to help financially, visit the website of the organization of your choice to make sure your money is going to the right place.

Scammers could use the circumstances of the coronavirus to pose as a grandchild , relative or friend who claims to be ill, stranded in another state or foreign country, or otherwise in trouble, and ask you to send money.

Scams cheat older Americans out of almost $3 billion a year. Here’s what to watch for

We all want love in our lives, no matter what age we are! But maintaining healthy relationships — romantic and otherwise — becomes even more important in our 50s, 60s and beyond. So, how do you put yourself out there and make new connections in the over dating scene? Online dating sites! These sites are a great resource for finding relationships of any nature — romantic, friendship, fun, serious, casual — you name it, you can find it online!

Beware dating sites, recently divorced, elderly or talking or a scam women, elderly or talking online support. Remember, scam when using these men. Some are.

Millions of people turn to online dating apps or social networking sites to meet someone. But instead of finding romance, many find a scammer trying to trick them into sending money. Read about the stories romance scammers make up and learn the 1 tip for avoiding a romance scam. People reported losing more money to romance scams in the past two years than to any other fraud reported to the FTC.

Romance scammers create fake profiles on dating sites and apps, or contact their targets through popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Google Hangouts. The scammers strike up a relationship with their targets to build their trust, sometimes talking or chatting several times a day. Then, they make up a story and ask for money. Scammers ask you to pay by wiring money, with reload cards, or with gift cards because they can get cash quickly and remain anonymous.

They also know the transactions are almost impossible to reverse. If you paid a romance scammer with a gift card , contact the company that issued the card right away.

Don’t let the romance scam break your heart

It is estimated that older adults lose billions of dollars to scammers each year. In them, unknown callers threaten victims that they face arrest or other legal action if they fail to call a provided phone number or press the number indicated in the message to address the issue. Sometimes the scammers switch tactics and say that they want to help an individual activate a suspended Social Security number. If you receive one of these calls, hang up. Know that Social Security rarely contacts persons by phone unless you have ongoing business with them and they never make threats about arrest or legal action.

The grandparent scam has been around for several years.

In today’s fast paced world of instant communication and social media, many adults have turned to online dating sites to find love, especially around Valentine’s.

These sites direct traffic to another site to capture personal information that can later be used to commit fraud and identity theft. Make sure your first line of defense knows:. This is a good opportunity to educate bankers and seniors alike on these new pandemic-related scams and how to maintain a watchful eye. Your bank can start helping seniors by passing along these 10 tips to help them become aware of scams:. Watch out for phishing scams. Phishing scams use fraudulent emails, texts, phone calls and websites to trick users into disclosing private account or login information.

Do not click on links or open any attachments or pop-up screens from sources you are not familiar with, and NEVER give your password, account number or PIN to anyone. Remember that the safest place for your money is in the bank. When you deposit your money at a bank, you get the comfort of knowing that your funds are secure and insured by the government. Do some research before making a donation. Be wary of any business, charity or individual requesting COVIDrelated payments or donations in cash, by wire transfer, gift card or through the mail.

Romance scams

An elderly woman in Raymond is the latest victim of an internet dating scam. She’s now speaking out to warn others about looking for love on the World Wide Web. Her six children are all grown up so Hynum decided it was time to meet someone special. To her suprise a Mr. John Smith from Canada found her.

Millions of older adults are exploited each year by scammers. Learn what 3 scams are making the rounds right now & what you can do to.

More than 1, seniors across the country contacted the committee’s fraud hotline in ; however, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said in recent testimony that only 1 in every 24 cases of elder exploitation gets reported. Here are the top 10 scams targeting seniors last year, according to the Senate aging committee’s Fraud Book :.

More than 2. In this case, criminals generally threaten victims with owing back taxes and warn foreclosure, arrest, or deportation if a payment isn’t made. Nearly 2. Often originated overseas, callers mask their identities with fake phone numbers and pretend to be from the government or assume a false identity, in efforts to obtain personal information.

For Richer Or Poorer? Romance Scams Are Leaving More Online Daters Broke

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People who push online dating scams know this is your fear and that’s how they prey on you and hook you into their schemes. A scammer knows.

Typically the victim and criminal will meet through a social media or dating site. The criminal will then try to develop a relationship with his or her victim, sometimes spending several months making the victim feel they are in a romantic relationship. Often the scammer will say that they are another city or country and that they eventually want to meet the victim in person. The requests for help are a scam and the money wired by the victim, often in large amounts, is now in the hands of the criminal.

Bank staff are aware of these kinds of scams and are trained to pay attention if a customer makes an unusual transaction — for example, withdrawing more money than usual. However, you are ultimately responsible for any funds that you withdraw from your bank account. The CBA offers a free fraud prevention seminar for seniors as part of its Your Money Seniors financial literacy seminar program. Request a fraud prevention seminar today! All Rights Reserved. Related articles.

Fraud Prevention. Posted on: September 22, Posted on: June 2,

Dating Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

People who seek out romance have to dodge dating fraudsters at every age, but seniors are at particular risk for a few types of costly dating scams. The classic sweetheart scammer targets recently widowed or divorced adults in their 50s and older, tries to quickly win their trust and affection by seeming like an ideal match, and then starts asking for money. To be sure, there are plenty of legitimate date-seekers online, but dating scams are a problem worldwide.

Victims can report the scam to the FBI at and might also consider alerting the dating website on which the scammer was encountered.

By Denise Montgomery. The United States Federal Trade Commission hosts a page dedicated to romance and online dating scams: It highlights the most common lies that should raise red flags, including the most common lies current scammers are telling. Sometimes messages and emails may arrive like bouquets of flowers—by the dozens—in early days. But they have been so attentive, affectionate, and giving to people who are generally starved of human connection, the stage is set.

Next, for reasons that also sound plausible, but which would fall apart under logical questioning, the scammer needs money. The need for the cash is always personal, immediate, critical, time-sensitive, and always unverifiable. The point is, scammers will need your money. You the victim will be the only possible source from which they can access money. Not only do romance scammers suddenly and urgently need your money—they will have no compunction thanking you for your generosity by immediately telling you they also need it in specific forms.

The requested forms of payment will be untraceable, irreversible, instant, and anonymous :. And now that you know the signs, what will you do differently? This graphic notice means that you are leaving the Currents by GreatCall website and are going to a non-GreatCall website. Please be advised of the following:.

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