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Kippo , a dating app for gamers, has just raised a massive amount of funding. Dating websites have been around for quite some time now, with the earliest modern iterations dating all the way back to Since then, these sites and applications have become a social norm, with newcomers like Tinder and Bumble accumulating together about 12 million users. It doesn’t stop there however, as dating apps have merged over into pop-culture as well, with comic books like Green Lanterns introducing a fictional dating app for super heroes to match on. So, with everyone, both real and fictional, looking for love, it was only a matter of time before gamers would find a platform for them. Kippo is a dating and social app for gamers, and according to an article written by VentureBeat , it’s an idea that’s gaining a lot of traction. I have found platonic friends and romantic relationships and friends in general through video games

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Instead of connecting face-to-face, people spend most of their time and energy swiping and texting. The majority of users want dates, but apps force them to play a game of matching, messaging, scheduling, and waiting. This leads to widespread frustration, high user churn, and a sentiment commonly known as “dating app fatigue.

Justin McLeod: Venture Beat — Tinder rival Hinge goes international as the social dating app lands in London | VentureBeat | Business | by Paul Sawers.

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Match Group, LLC v. Bumble Trading Inc. Western District of Texas, txwdcv Exhibit 2. Interested in this case?

Replying to @VentureBeat @deantak. Is it really an end to the stereotype that they can’t get dates if they have to create a whole new app.

We’re on the edge of another mobile revolution that will be defined by elevating consumers’ real world experiences and delighting them with emotional relevance. Mobile 3. They’re going to change the way we interact with the people, places and things around us. I think of the evolution of mobile in three stages of consumer adoption – the first being distraction, the second social utility, and the third emotional connection.

I believe we are now on the cusp of the third stage, and this coming transition from social utility to emotional connection will have an enormous impact on engagement behavior and overall value creation. Similar to the prior transition, this next phase is being driven by the enabling technologies bundled into our mobile devices and the connectivity advancements that infrastructure players provide.

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VentureBeat Homepage. For years, dating apps have tried to set themselves apart by claiming that their algorithms are the best at matching users based on common interests and other factors. Now, Match Group-owned Hinge is launching a new feature that attempts to gather feedback on how well dates between users actually go, in order to create better matches in the future.

Hinge dating app uses AI. VENTUREBEAT. 5. The dating app Hinge, which was recently acquired by Match, is using AI to power its new.

At the same time, we progressively dating of more and more long-term partners who met on dating apps. So which app is right for you? Tinder created the standard gestures many dating apps have adopted:. Swipe right to like, left to pass. And biggest downside and Tinder? Only that it has been blamed for the fall of romance dating the rise of hookup culture.

And and led people to think of Tinder as more of a game and a competition to see how many and and hookups can be achieved. He attempted his slickest moves to persuade her to come to his apartment, but she slid away, telling him to never call again. As Carrie explains to Cosmopolitan now Lane Mooreshe knew that it was real after a few messages:. And gave me his number within a day and then we started texting.

Bumble asks women to put themselves out there — and that sometimes means being rejected. On a positive note, a woman named Mary tells writer Alexia Dellner how And reconnected her cousin with an old flame. The two had always had been interested in one another, but the timing was never right. When they found each other on Bumble, they date it was the venturebeat time to see whether sparks would fly.

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Gaming has become an inevitable part of the digital industry because of the several factors of influence, including:. Population growth – since gaming is a mass-market, the increase of the potential customers leads to the increase of the actual customers. Increase of the games and apps offered in the market. VentureBeat company provided the statistics that every day nearly games are launched on different platforms globally. This report was provided at the beginning of and stated that there are more than 17, PC and consoles games as well as over , mobile games.

According to these calculations, the number of mobile games is expected to exceed 1.

With the impending arrival of Facebook dating, swiping apps like Hinge and its competitors Tinder, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel are facing.

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Live streaming studio, Culture Genesis, launches its first show, the quiz-based Trivia Mob.

Kippo raises $2 million for a dating app for gamers

The summit will be held on April 23rd and 24th with attendance by game developers and publishers, as well as industry CEOs, executives, marketers, and VCs. The company behind the game though is less well known, despite the success of their first location-based title Ingress. Google Born Niantic began as an internal…. In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at the top sessions and activities to check out at GamesBeat , a three-day conference held at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

According to a recent mobile user acquisition report from VentureBeat, the job of app marketers is becoming increasingly challenging. Gathering data from approximately 14 billion mobile ads, the study found that the cost of acquiring a new user has been steadily increasing in….

world’s first 5G movie theater with livestreaming films — VentureBeat The app, available on iOS, will be loaded with “dating coach” features. Read more: This Valentine’s Day, Boston Says Hello to a New Dating App.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have grown popular thanks to game-styled features like swiping left and right to match with other users, but one app called Kippo is looking to take its experience up a notch with a dating and social app designed for gamers. Profiles on the service can feature a set of players’ favorite titles, as well as other information like a user’s Hogwarts house, Myers-Briggs type , or Pokemon-like cards for their pets. The app is available now on iOS, and an Android version is currently in development.

The app’s CEO David Park described the gaming-focused public as a demographic that started off niche, but has since grown beyond that. The developers of Kippo aren’t just looking for users to come to the app for dating. Whether users choose to build more romantic relationships out of their interactions is up to them, but the app is there to help nudge people in the right direction, and there’s built-in moderation to weed out more negative interactions between players.

Kippo isn’t the only service looking at the gaming audience as a primary userbase. Discord has grown immensely since it launched three years ago, taking the group chat friendly design of Slack and combining it with modern voice and video calling to create a beloved service that’s transcended its original purpose in the wake of a global pandemic. For a good chunk of users, it’s a one-stop-shop for communication with friends and fans of their preferred games, but Kippo could carve out a strong niche with a more individualistic approach, much like dating apps that came before it.

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